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About Me

I have a strong desire to provide top quality health care to complement your existing treatments, with the ultimate aim to maximize your health. I have been a member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) since 2002 http://www.complementary.assoc.org.uk/  whose aim is to provide fully trained and insured therapists to treat you to the highest standards and to their strict Code of Ethics. 

I specialise in muscular problems especially of the neck, back and shoulders, and in reducing stress whilst improving relaxation. Many of my clients have busy lives and have conditions caused by or made worse by stress. I have many older clients who often want leg, or neck and arm massage to improve mobility and ability to do more with less pain.

I have grown up in a warm and nurturing family who believe in the healing power of touch. My main interests are in healthy eating and sport and then went on to include Reiki, Holistic and Therapeutic Massage, Head Massage, Hawaiian Massage and most recently Natural Face-Lift Massage.

I have been running my York based healthcare business since 2002. I have worked with many individuals to improve their health and have experience with many conditions including muscular tension, stress, headaches, sleeping problems, bereavement, neck and shoulder stiffness, IBS, constipation, and many others. I have experience as a mother and a therapist of learning disability and non-verbal communication. I can see clients in their own homes if needed and I regularly visit several clients in sheltered housing. I have also worked for various Groups including York Women's Aid (now renamed IDAS) providing their clients with much needed caring treatments in difficult times. I have also taken part in pamper evenings to raise money for several groups at local Community Centres. I have done talks and taster sessions for various groups including the York Parkinsons Disease Society, The Encephalitis Society, and local residential homes.



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