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Reiki Testimonial

"I was recently diagnosed as having endometriosis, having suffered the symptoms for many years. I noticed a huge improvement even after my first Reiki session with Sarah: stomach and back pain eased dramatically (it disappeared completely for the first week afterwards!) and I regained full movement. I'd forgotten how it felt to be without pain - thank you Sarah!!!"

Miss S. C. York

Warm Paraffin Wax to Hands Testimonial 1

"Thank you Sarah for the fabulous Paraffin wax hand treatment which left my skin so soft and noticeably smoother. My wrist feels a lot better too! I think I'll have the foot treatment next time. x"

Mrs E.W. York

Warm Paraffin Wax to Hands Testimonial 2

"Yes hands definitely much improved. I had noticeably no trouble with them this morning, I will definitely recommend it and will have another treatment to follow up in due course."

and a few days later....

"Knuckles still like new. Such a good feeling."

Mrs H.P. Yorkshire


Face-Lift Massage Testimonial 1 from a lady

"I had a natural face-lift with Sarah. Fabulous. My skin felt amazing afterwards and I loved the whole experience. 5 stars (out of 5) for Sarah and her wonderful treatments."

Mrs R.P. York

Face-Lift Massage Testimonial 2 from a man

"I have just enjoyed my first facial (Face-Lift Massage) from Sarah and it was wonderful. My face now has the look and texture of a young man- well, a younger man. I shall be there again this month."

Mr J.B. York

Massage Testimonial 1

"I used to suffer with regular lower back pain. The pain was bad enough to wake me up 1-2 times a month. When this happenened I could not get back to sleep without painkillers. Since having regular massages from Sarah I have not had this problem once in the last 6 months. I have also had an improvement in another medical condition which I believe is due to general stress reduction. Also my sleeping is much improved and I sleep 8 hours without a break after a 1 hour massage."

Mr J.B. York

Massage Testimonial 2

"I visited Sarah hoping to find some relief via massage for a long term chronic constipation problem. I found the massage from Sarah to be very effective and Sarah gave me the knowledge to be able to massage myself at home every day. She had obviously also given it a lot of thought beforehand and offered practical solutions around the problem for me to consider, outside the area of massage. I would recommend Sarah wholeheartedly, for her professional approach, caring manner and knowledge of a number of healing disciplines."

Mrs T. W. York


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